Mindset and Hearing Loss

Here’s a powerful statement that caught my eye from Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success:

“How can we know where effort and time will take someone?”

People tend to think of their communication and listening skills as fixed and unchanging.

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They don’t realize that with time and effort, both their listening and communication skills can improve, especially with the use of LACE training.

Dweck points out people with a fixed mindset tend to think, “If you don’t have the ability, why waste your time? (If you can’t draw, play the guitar, run very fast, why bother?)”

The fixed mindset creates the feeling you can really know the permanent truth about yourself.

In contrast, the growth mindset results in a life dedicated to the idea skills can be developed.

With a growth mindset you don’t always need confidence. You just need curiosity and interest. Even when you think you’re not good at something, you can still plunge in wholeheartedly. You take the plunge simply because you want to learn.

How liberating is that?

You can change your mindset.

Dweck’s book has had a positive effect on mine. Maybe I’ll go sign up for some guitar lessons … hmmm

Dweck’s Ted Talk is worth watching as well.


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    Sandra Vandenhoff

    Dr. Sandra Vandenhoff is an audiologist with hearing loss, founder of HEARa, Hearing Strategies coach, speaker, and Canadian author, who gave her GPS away long before realizing that it was a good brain-boosting move.

2 thoughts on “Mindset and Hearing Loss”

  1. I plan on picking up Mindset. It was recommended to me by a member of the Faculty of Education at U of C not that long ago. Interestingly enough, I just picked up her business card off my desk this morning and read the back where I had written the name of the book. It was like a dual reminder within the hour…..okay now I’m listening.

    1. Sandra Vandenhoff

      Interesting. You were meant to read this book, obviously! I highly recommend this book for parents and teachers. Dweck created a growth mindset program for junior high students–I’d like to look into that. ~Sandra

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