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Hearing rehabilitation before and after getting hearing aids and cochlear implants

Improve your hearing skills at any stage

Hearing loss can have a profound impact on your life because it touches every interaction. Your career, your relationships, and even your happiness can be affected. You may find yourself being more quiet in noisy surroundings, or avoiding group events and gatherings to avoid communicating with unfamiliar people.

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HEARa provides the right information at the right time to improve hearing, listening, and communication skills at any stage in your hearing loss journey. 

If you are proactive about your hearing health, we welcome you to join our growing community of highly motivated learners who want to take their communication skills to the next level. 

Where you'll find HEARa

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Hope for hearing

Dr. Sandra Vandenhoff’s  personal and professional understanding of living with hearing loss are the inspiration behind HEARa. While enduring many struggles, she also experienced many successes. This led to the realization there are answers, and there is hope.

Sandra has severe to profound hearing loss in both ears. She understands what it is like to feel scared as hearing loss progresses. At one point Sandra could not hear the radio or have phone conversations even with hearing aids. She prepared for the worst by researching ways to cope.

Sandra’s research revealed there are many components to hearing better. She focuses specifically on auditory traininglipreading, and communication strategies because of the results she has achieved personally and with clients.

Paths to Hearing Loss Support

With multiple forms of support for hearing loss, you can get the right kind of help for where you are right now.

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Online Classes

Practice new communication strategies and skills in a fun and supportive group setting.

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1-1 Coaching

Develop skills and put them to work in a hearing improvement plan customized to your needs.

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LACE Auditory Training

Elevate your LACE program with this code-and-coaching notes package designed to get maximum benefits.

Hearing training changes lives

The impacts of improving listening and communication skills is life changing.

For the first time, in a very long time, I feel in control and I am participating in my own life. I can even go to a relatively noisy restaurant / gathering and actually be myself.

Dick Fuller

Atlanta GA USA

What I’m going through is not so unusual. I won’t be reluctant to go out and get into a conversation. I learned that I CAN hear if I listen and apply the strategies.

Gord Smith

Calgary AB Canada

Training not only works on your listening ability ... I went from a shy and tentative wandering generality to a confident and ambitious person.

Julian V

Brampton ON, Canada

Ready to boost your confidence?

You are ready to take action, and I am ready to help.

An online class is the perfect place to start developing confidence and clarity to communication in all areas of your life. Be part of a growing community of highly motivated learners who want to take communication to the next level.

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