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Granddaughter teach grandma smartphone

Hearing technology rocks!

One of the things that I loved about working with children was their delight in technology (and in life). Of course, there comes a time when many of them don’t want to stand out and they stop wanting to use the technology (especially remote microphones). My wish for them is that they will re-discover that […]

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The average person takes 7 years to act on hearing loss

The average person waits 7 years to act on hearing loss. Research tells us that people adjust to hearing loss before they even acknowledge that the hearing loss exists. People around you make adjustments too, again without explicitly discussing them. If you feel overwhelmed about taking action, ask for support. You can start by gathering […]

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One grey-blue penguin amongst brown penguins

How is hearing loss different from vision loss?

Hearing loss is different from vision loss in a number of ways. One significant way that hearing loss is different is that, with hearing loss, we have to ask other people to change their behaviour. Asking other people to adjust the way that they communicate is not a comfortable place to be, at times. In […]

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What to do if your dog eats your hearing aid!

Pets are notorious for putting anything and everything in their mouths. Check their mouth to retrieve the device and check for any broken-off pieces. Batteries are dangerous for your pet, so if your hearing aids are swallowed, seek medical attention. If you can retrieve the hearing aids and there is no visible damage, clean the […]

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Taking action about hearing loss

Lately, I have noticed a sadness and a reluctance in some clients, about having to take action about hearing loss. At the same time, there is a realization that it is finally time to get hearing aids. I noticed the “AND.” Sadness, reluctance, AND going ahead anyway. Those things can co-exist! It’s progress when difficult […]

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The Best Yoga Pose for Hearing Loss

When someone asked me what I thought was the best yoga pose for hearing loss, I thought about what I have seen on social media about yoga and hearing loss. I didn’t have personal experience with anything I had read. For me, the Mountain pose has been a great teacher. The Mountain pose is about […]

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Is everyone mumbling? You might have hearing loss

It can be frustrating for a significant other to be accused of mumbling. Hearing loss can make common, everyday words difficult to recognize. Most people who have permanent, age related, or noise induced hearing loss usually have a sloping hearing loss, which means they don’t hear the high pitch sounds clearly. Consonant sounds are high […]

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finger pointing to phrase trying new things

A tip to save battery power on your hearing aid

When you get a low battery warning on your hearing aid, remember that actual time between low battery warning and shutdown will vary depending on noise level in your environment. If you are not near a charger or if you don’t have extra batteries with you, reduce the sound levels. Turn off any background music, […]

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Hear Better and Improve Your Memory

Did you know about the links between memory and hearing? When background noise levels are high—making it difficult to hear—working memory takes a hit. Research shows that people with a better working memory hear better in noise. There’s also a link between hearing loss and dementia. It’s intriguing, too, that processing speed and working memory […]

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Better Listening Can Result in Better Appointments

Running used to be a big part of my life. That is, until I got plantar fasciitis. I tried to get rid of it. Massage, rest, taping, cortisone shots, an ankle-foot brace while sleeping, acupuncture, gait analysis, orthotics, motion-control shoes, strength training, and on and on. At one point I was referred to a well […]

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