Find the right step with the right information and skills for where you are now on your hearing journey

Strategies to hear better

Communicating successfully in every stage of your hearing loss journey is possible. Using a variety of approaches to auditory training, lip reading, and communication strategies means you can develop the skills you need for where you are and beyond.  You will reap the rewards of being a life long learner.

10 Day Lip Reading Challenge

Develop and practice lipreading skills at your own pace. Each day of the challenge offers a new 10-minute lesson on YouTube that is appropriate for all ability levels.

Date: on demand, self-paced
Length: 10 min x 10 days
Cost: Free

Get Started: 10 Day Lip Reading Challenge

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Online hearing strategy classes

Joining an online group class can take your communication skills to the next level. Learn, get practice with a variety of accents and ways of speaking in a fun supportive environment. The classes are structured yet flexible enough to meet you exactly where you are.

Lipreading Basics

Develop lipreading skills in a group class setting.

• familiarity with Zoom, or willingness to learn (tutorial provided prior to first class)
• short reading prior to each class plus homework assignment after each class
• all skill levels welcome
Participants: 8 max
Length: 90 minutes / class

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Get Started:

9 Class Series

Dates: Tuesdays, Jan 16 - Mar 12, 2024
Time: 6:30 - 8:00pm
Cost: $315 for 9 classes
Register on eventbrite: Lipreading Basics

1-1 Lipreading Classes

Private online lipreading training sessions on Zoom. You will need a laptop/desktop computer, webcam, and Zoom software.

Length: 1 hour, plus homework
Cost: $90 / session

Get Started: complete the order form

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Build it they will come

Assemble your own group for an online class or series of classes! Minimum group size of three people, including you.

Participants: 8 max
Length: 1.5 hours
Cost: $150 / class

Get Started: complete the order form

Circle of support

Gather together a group of family and friends of all ages to provide support both for the person with hearing loss, and for loved ones who are adjusting to changes in the dynamics of communication. Gift to yourself or a person with hearing loss in your life.

Prerequisites: 30 minutes prep work ahead of class
$180 / class
Length: 1.5 hours

Get Started: complete the order form

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LACE Auditory Training

Your LACE Online Auditory Training Program comes with a registration code and bonus coaching notes available only to HEARa clients. The training ideally should be completed within 30 days.

Length: 11 sessions x 20 minutes per session
Cost: $200

Get started: complete the order form

1-1 Coaching

Develop a personalized hearing improvement plan customized to your current needs.

Length: 30 minutes
Cost: $75 / session

Get Started: email

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Hearing skills make a difference

Hearing strategies improve communication skills for all areas of life

LACE has given me confidence to deal with other people and to allow myself to enter into situations that I would normally have avoided. [LACE] is nothing short of amazing.

Curt L

Calgary AB Canada

This is the most informative information I have ever used off the Internet. This is a truly helpful down-to-the-facts course. I use your tips with patients all the time.

Ron Schick

Regina SK Canada

There were days when I thought I was just getting worse and I wanted to give up but your help getting me through those times were invaluable.

Gloria Knous

Stoughton SK Canada

Other Hearing Strategy Resources

Complement your hearing skill training with additional resources you can learn on your own or share with others.

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Growing resource of skill practice and development tools you can return to as needed for your situation. 

Hearing Aids: We All Win When They're In

Free eBook

Practical information for significant others to communicate better with a loved one with hearing loss.

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The Chronicles

Lessons learned on the hearing loss journey about how to hear better from a deaf audiologist.

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