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Getting Started with LACE

Who can benefit Anyone who has difficulty with hearing, listening, or communicating can benefit from LACE Training. Hearing aids are not required, but if you have hearing aids, you should wear them during your training. If you are concerned that your difficulties in communication are so severe that you can’t improve, don’t worry. People who […]

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The Case for LACE

LACE (Listening and Communication Enhancement)   The LACE auditory program was developed by two audiologists at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Dr. Robert Sweetow and Jennifer Henderson Sabes developed LACE specifically for older adults with hearing loss. LACE training is conducted for 30 minutes, five days a week, for one month. You can […]

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Why Do I Need Auditory Training?

Hearing aids are a good first step in hearing loss rehabilitation. But hearing aids are not the only step. Auditory training is critical to help you meet your potential. Auditory training has been described as physical therapy for the ears and the brain. How many times have you avoided a situation, or not wanted to […]

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Lipreading Is A Handy Skill

In 2002, when the Olympics were held in Salt Lake City, Utah, Wayne Gretzsky was the head of the Canadian men’s hockey team, and they won a gold medal. After the game, the crowd went wild, and Wayne and Janet Gretzsky were watching with pleased grins on their faces. I followed a part of their […]

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Train Your Brain to Hear Better in Noise

Your brain is constantly changing. There’s no “off” switch—even when you’re sleeping! Everything that you do in your day-to-day life will affect how the brain changes. The notorious study of London cab drivers found that their intensive on-the-job training resulted in larger-than-average memory centres. Likewise with practicing the guitar or other musical instruments. “Everytime you […]

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Do Other Skills Compensate For Hearing Loss?

Is your eyesight more highly developed if you are deaf? Do blind people have a highly developed sense of hearing? Intuitively, most of us know that can’t be true. I know people who are blind that have hearing aids. People with hearing loss wear glasses. My normally-hearing husband can spot bald eagles long before I […]

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I Don’t Wear Hearing Aids

Will Auditory Training Help Me?   In a word, yes. In fact, I would argue that auditory training is even more important for you than for someone who has hearing loss but wears hearing aids. Anyone who has difficulty communicating or listening will benefit from auditory training. As we get older, there are key changes […]

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Overcome Noise With Auditory Training

Do you have trouble hearing when there is background noise—such as in a restaurant, at a party, or in a crowd of people? Join the club. Difficulty with hearing in noise is a sign of hearing loss. In fact, it is a major reason that people get hearing aids. Hearing aids undoubtedly improve our ability […]

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LACE Training Strategy: Let It Happen

Today’s blog is written by a guest, Lorraine Watson. Lorraine recently completed her LACE auditory training program. She had an insight during training that will be helpful to others. I will let Lorraine explain it her way. I finally gave in. But at least I can say I didn’t give up. In my world the […]

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Mindset and Hearing Loss

Here’s a powerful statement that caught my eye from Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success: “How can we know where effort and time will take someone?” People tend to think of their communication and listening skills as fixed and unchanging. They don’t realize that with time and effort, both their listening and […]

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