The impact of hearing rehabilitation training and classes on real everyday lives

You Really Can Hear Better

A hearing impairment has a profound impact on one's life.  But that doesn't mean one has to stop living a full and engaged life. The effort put into auditory training and building lip reading and communication skills can make a profound difference in living life to the fullest.

David T.

Calgary AB Canada

I have learned so much from you on speech reading, as well you have helped me in dealing with my hearing loss. Although I still am anxious about going into crowded venues, I am dealing with the situation better now!!


Calgary AB Canada

I really appreciate the dedication, expertise, and time that Sandra put into teaching this course. She took great interest in all of her students and their experiences, and she set such a positive and fun tone for the course, including the summary videos she provided to complement the content of each class. All excellent! Thank you so much!

Sheila C.

Calgary AB Canada

I very much enjoyed your teaching methods and your welcoming personality in the classes that I attended.

Curt L.

Calgary AB Canada

LACE has given me confidence to deal with other people and to allow myself to enter into situations that I would normally have avoided. [LACE] is nothing short of amazing. Not only does it give you better listening skills, which alone makes it worth the price, but you also gain insight into your own limitations and insecurities related to hearing loss. The program has made me realize that I need to be more conscious about how I listen. I always thought that hearing aids would solve all my problems, but I found out through the course that I needed to dramatically improve my listening skills. I found that those skills had diminished along with my hearing. I simply stopped trying to listen when I couldn't hear!

Dick Fuller

Atlanta GA USA

I remember compensating for hearing loss in so many ways and feeling totally out of the loop of communication - an isolating experience at best! I remember teaching sixth graders and forcing my limitations on them instead of acknowledging them for myself. Of course, this was in the name of teaching common courtesy instead of dealing with the truth - I had a hearing loss.

Along comes LACE and Sandra - helping me retrain and to become more involved in my own life. Sandra provided the feedback that encouraged and moved me forward. The most encouraging piece was when my 21-year-old said, "Dad, you are talking and listening to me again."

Hard work, yep. Fun, nope! Worth the effort - indubitably!! For the first time, in a very long time, I feel in control and I am participating in my own life. I can even go to a relatively noisy restaurant/party/gathering and actually be myself.

Do I think this is worth it? Without a doubt!! My only regret is that I was not honest with myself sooner." [LACE Coaching for Consumers Level Two]

Ron Schick, Hearing Professional

Regina SK Canada

This is the most informative information I have ever used off the Internet. This is a truly helpful down-to-the-facts course. It has helped myself as a practitioner and I use your tips with patients all the time. Just fantastic. Thanx!" [LACE Coaching for Hearing Care Professionals]

Gord Smith

Calgary AB Canada

I won’t be reluctant to go out and get into a conversation. I learned that I CAN hear if I listen and apply the strategies. Being with others to share common problems made me aware that what I’m going through is not so unusual.” [Hearing Strategies 4-week program]

Lorraine Watson

High River AB Canada

"Had I given up and walked away I never would have known how much I could really accomplish." [LACE Coaching for Consumers Level Two]

Gloria Knous

Stoughton SK Canada

I just completed the 20th session of LACE. WOW!

There were days when I thought I was just getting worse and I wanted to give up but your help getting me through those times were invaluable.

I attended a play and was able to hear almost everything. I have been to the same venue in the past and did not get nearly as much out of it as I did this time. The credit goes to LACE.

And yesterday I went shopping with my daughter and the clerk insisted on speaking to me when there was a lot of other conversations going on. My daughter stepped in to tell the clerk that I had a hearing loss and wouldn’t be able to hear him. The surprise to us both was that I did hear and understand him. My daughter Kathy was amazed.

I will continue to work with the program. I will be encouraging all of my friends who have hearing loss to take the course. I think every Audiologist should be recommending it to older adults who are being fitted with hearing aids. Thanks again and again and again. [LACE Coaching for Consumers Level Two]

Julian V

Brampton ON Canada

LACE training not only works on your listening ability but develops your confidence as well. Do you struggle with confidence around people? LACE training helps you work on that. I went from a shy and tentative wandering generality to a confident and ambitious person and I owe it all to LACE! 


I am a 42 years old Women Entrepreneur, I have hearing loss on the high frequencies, since I was 28 years old, I have tried different type of hearing aids until I finally like the latest Alera from Resound, but it still very difficult for me in the noisy environment to hear, I live an active Life and have been doing the LACE for the last month, there are 2 things that have amazed me, the fact that it really works and the care and motivation Dr. Sandra Vandenhoff give you during the course, she really cares about her profession and that is something worth of admiring now in this careless medical field. I strongly recommend it.

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