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How do you deal with a spouse who is Hard of Hearing?

While it’s important to advocate for a significant other with hearing loss, be aware that you can over-do it. I have occasionally been on the receiving end of the overdoing. It was embarrassing. But it galvanized me to take responsibility for my own communication needs. In some situations, I might not disclose my hearing loss […]

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Tip for Communicating with People who have Hearing Loss | Get Attention First

If you have hearing loss, it’s important to ask people to get your attention before speaking. You might not necessarily know that the other person is speaking to you unless they get your attention. If you miss the first few words, that’s valuable information about the topic that you are missing. If they call your […]

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Selective Hearing Versus Hearing Loss

Have you ever accused someone with hearing loss of having selective hearing? I’ve heard this accusation at times from significant others. This may be an unfair accusation when applied to someone with hearing loss. By its very nature, hearing loss results in selective hearing. First of all, people with hearing loss have to pay attention […]

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Words That Hurt

Why You Should Not Say “Never Mind” to a Person With Hearing Loss   The following is from the book A Quiet World, by David G. Myers, a psychologist with hearing loss. “Never mind.” How familiar those words are to the hard of hearing. “Ted said that the doctor wanted her…” “I’m sorry?” “Ted said […]

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How Can You Convince Someone to Get Hearing Aids?

Do you know someone who has hearing loss, but refuses to get hearing aids? How do you convince someone to get hearing aids? There are links between untreated hearing loss and depression, reduced earning power, and overall poorer quality of life. That’s alarming. But facts such as these will not convince someone to get hearing […]

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Let’s Talk About Rules

This page is a continuation of a discussion in my e-book, Hearing Aids: We All Win When They’re In! A Guide for Significant Others. Let’s talk about rules. Here are the rules I listed in the e-book: Fess up. Don’t talk from another room. Look down at the menu. Tell people how to help. No […]

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