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How can people with hearing loss reach their full potential?

How can PWHL (people with hearing loss) reach their full potential? Many PWHL wait years to get hearing aids. Over this period of years, a person adjusts to hearing loss. Many adjustments are made without explicitly discussing them with friends, family members, and co-workers. Examples include withdrawing, watching TV in different rooms, bluffing our way […]

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When will hearing loss rehabilitation be a bigger discussion?

I’m just sitting here waiting for hearing loss rehabilitation to be a bigger discussion. There is a tendency in hearing care to focus on hearing aids. Aural rehabilitation is seen as something done by other professionals or not at all. With hearing aids, immediate outcomes can vary from person to person. Many adults with acquired […]

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People with Hearing Loss are Underserved when it comes to Aural Rehab

People with hearing loss are underserved when it comes to aural rehab. As a hearing care professional, one of the benefits to you is that it will set you apart from your competition. Aural rehabilitation can be your unique expression of hearing healthcare. And people will absolutely pay for it! Consider offering auditory training, or […]

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Couple have serious discussion on couch

Aural Rehab is Holistic Care

I am excited to share a blog article I wrote for Pacific Audiology Group. It’s nice to see aural rehab come into focus in the hearing healthcare profession. More to come with PAG! https://pacificaudiologygroup.com/aural-rehab-is-holistic-hearing-care/ 00 There is a magic number when it comes to hearing healthcare. IT’S SEVEN! According to the Better Hearing Institute, the average person […]

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Hearing in Noise: The Holy Grail

In a recent Final Word article by Dennis Van Vliet, called “Technology Bites Back,” Dr. Van Vliet said, “Dealing with the noise problem is the Holy Grail of hearing aid fitting.” “[Hearing aid] technology will not solve our problems. It is a tool that helps us do our job better…If we expect to provide better […]

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Which Ear Do You Use on The Cell Phone?

During a case history, the hearing care professional often asks if the client notices a difference between ears. (It is critical to know if there is a difference in hearing sensitivity between ears before starting a hearing test.) If not, the next question usually is, “Which ear do you use on the phone?” The reasoning […]

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Happier Relationships

How a Hearing Care Professional Can Help   In couples, if one partner develops hearing loss, there’s always a chance that the other partner will misinterpret a failure to hear. Sometimes the explanation for hearing incorrectly is hearing loss; sometimes it is lack of attention and lack of care. What is the reason, most of […]

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Customer Service Stories: What Are Yours?

Mr. Dan Fleisch, a physics professor at Wittenberg University, travelled over 600 miles to hand-deliver a copy of his book. He wanted his customer to get it in time for Christmas. While reading reviews of his book, “A Student’s Guide to Maxwell’s Equations,” on Amazon.com on Christmas Eve, he discovered that Michel Cuhaci’s copy of […]

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Overcome Ridiculous Listening Conditions

I am coaching an audiologist on the LACE (Listening and Communication Enhancement) program. This week she said, “It’s ridiculous how fast the voices are in the Rapid Speech task. In real life, if someone was talking that fast, I’d say, ‘I have normal hearing and I can’t understand you, so you better slow down.” A-ha! […]

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