Chronicle of a deaf audiologist

The Best Yoga Pose for Hearing Loss

When someone asked me what I thought was the best yoga pose for hearing loss, I thought about what I have seen on social media about yoga and hearing loss. I didn’t have personal experience with anything I had read. For me, the Mountain pose has been a great teacher. The Mountain pose is about taking a stand. Mountains don’t dial back who they are. They. just. are. It takes courage to stand up for yourself when you have hearing loss. I learned that late in life. I enjoy standing up for myself now.


  • Photo credit:  © Alan Fortune

    Sandra Vandenhoff

    Dr. Sandra Vandenhoff is an audiologist with hearing loss, founder of HEARa, Hearing Rehabilitation teacher, and Canadian author, who does not remember saying on her first day of wearing hearing aids: "Mom, I can hear my shoelaces!"

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