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Success for Hearing Better

HEARa is dedicated to the idea that people need the right information, at the right times, to be successful with hearing loss. HEARa’s mission is to reach out to adults with hearing loss and say—keep going. Learning about your hearing loss should be a lifelong process.

Areas of interest for hearing improvement

Choose an area of interest to explore ways to improve your hearing

  • General

    Wide variety of insights and experiences related to hearing and everyday living.

  • Communication Strategies

    Information specific to speaking with others resulting in clarity and understanding.

  • Skill Development

    Information specific to developing skills that help improve hearing.

  • Hearing Aids

    Information specific to purchasing and wearing hearing aids.

  • For Significant Others

    Information specific to spouses, partners, family and friends of people with hearing difficulties.

  • For Hearing Care Professionals

    Information specific to those who work in the hearing care industry.


Can’t Hear When People Mumble?

Get help from the chameleon effect!   Is there a person in your life who talks way too fast? Or mumbles? Or becomes practically inaudible at the end of the sentence? There is a way you can influence them to do otherwise. It’s called the chameleon effect. The chameleon effect is at play when you […]

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Do Other Skills Compensate For Hearing Loss?

Is your eyesight more highly developed if you are deaf? Do blind people have a highly developed sense of hearing? Intuitively, most of us know that can’t be true. I know people who are blind that have hearing aids. People with hearing loss wear glasses. My normally-hearing husband can spot bald eagles long before I […]

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Paying Attention Leads to Better Hearing

As we get older, there are some key changes in the brain, that make it harder to hear in noise. This is true even for people with normal hearing. LACE training can reverse these changes by changing the brain. How does your brain change? One of the key ingredients to brain change is attention. When […]

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Which Ear Do You Use on The Cell Phone?

During a case history, the hearing care professional often asks if the client notices a difference between ears. (It is critical to know if there is a difference in hearing sensitivity between ears before starting a hearing test.) If not, the next question usually is, “Which ear do you use on the phone?” The reasoning […]

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Dear 16 year Old Me: What I Would Tell My Younger Self About Hearing Loss

Did you see the YouTube video clip “Dear 16 Year Old Me,” about skin cancer awareness? To date, it has over 10,500,000 views (as of July 2022). It makes people think: What would I tell my younger self? The first thing that comes to mind for me is–don’t worry about being taller than all the […]

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I Don’t Wear Hearing Aids

Will Auditory Training Help Me?   In a word, yes. In fact, I would argue that auditory training is even more important for you than for someone who has hearing loss but wears hearing aids. Anyone who has difficulty communicating or listening will benefit from auditory training. As we get older, there are key changes […]

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Adjusting to Hearing Loss

Six Things to Consider   Hearing loss due to age has a subtle beginning. Day by day, the difference is hardly noticeable. Over a period of years, though, there’s a significant change. How do you adjust? How do people around you adjust? Researchers at the University of Montréal say that you, and the people around […]

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Small Improvements Lead to Exceptional Results

Just finished reading The Secret Letters of the Monk who Sold his Ferrari—a reflection on happiness and leading a remarkable life. Sharma talks about small daily progress. He writes, “The truly wise recognize that small daily improvements always lead to exceptional results over time.” This applies to living a remarkable life, but also to living […]

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Happier Relationships

How a Hearing Care Professional Can Help   In couples, if one partner develops hearing loss, there’s always a chance that the other partner will misinterpret a failure to hear. Sometimes the explanation for hearing incorrectly is hearing loss; sometimes it is lack of attention and lack of care. What is the reason, most of […]

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Technology Rocks!

People with hearing loss who have ineffective communication strategies (such as pretending to understand) are more likely to be lonely and introverted. This has been proven in adults with profound hearing loss. I’ve often wondered if this also applied to people with milder hearing loss. Then I read an interview with Peter Stelmacovich, an audiologist, […]

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