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A useful resource to help those living with a significant other who has hearing loss 

Hearing Aids: We All Win When They're In!

A Guide for Significant Others

Attention all significant others.

Finally, practical information for you about your spouse's hearing loss! Learn from someone who has been there.

Dear Significant Other

I am an audiologist with severe to profound hearing loss. I’ve helped literally thousands of my clients and their significant others address their communication needs. Hearing loss affects the people we live with — this is an unacknowledged universal truth.

Hearing Aids: We All Win When They’re In! A Guide for Significant Others is a downloadable e-book designed to support you and acknowledge your role in the process of coping with hearing loss.

Why this eBook is for you

Let me tell you what I learned from my marriage and other relationships, and how my partners have helped me along the way. There are things you can do to make communication easier. But that’s not all—your spouse needs to accept responsibility too. How do you find that balance?

How to Use This eBook

This complimentary e-book is dedicated to partners who are at the beginning of their journey with hearing loss. You’ll come to understand why a person with hearing loss might refuse to take action. You’ll also have a greater appreciation of the role that you play in success with hearing loss.

Hearing Aids: We All Win When They're In

This free ebook is a PDF file. An e-Reader is not required. No email required.

By the end of this e-book, you’ll have:

  • Suggestions on how to move forward if your spouse is not ready to take action
  • An understanding of the importance of communication rules
  • An overview of keys to success with hearing aids, and some “homework” for your spouse
  • Ways to initiate “heart-to-heart” conversations about hearing loss and the effects on each of you

Bonus Resources

The well-being of significant others is so important, the Significant Others section of the website is devoted specifically you. We’ll continue to build on new and better ways to live with hearing loss.

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About the Author

I am Dr. Sandra Vandenhoff, founder of HEARa (Hearing Education and Rehabilitation for Adults), and an audiologist with severe to profound hearing loss. HEARa is the combination of my experience and studies in the Doctor of Audiology program, 11 years of clinical experience as an audiologist fitting hearing aids for adults, my subsequent work experience in the hearing aid and cochlear implant industries, and finally the hands on world of my life. I continue to learn along the way. Let me share my journey with you.

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