Getting Started with LACE

Who can benefit

Anyone who has difficulty with hearing, listening, or communicating can benefit from LACE Training. Hearing aids are not required, but if you have hearing aids, you should wear them during your training. If you are concerned that your difficulties in communication are so severe that you can’t improve, don’t worry. People who have the most difficulty with their hearing loss will benefit the most from auditory training.

When to Start

Now! Start now. Whether you’ve just received your hearing aids, or worn hearing aids for decades, you can benefit from auditory training. If you don’t have hearing aids, but notice difficulty hearing, listening, or communicating, you can also benefit from LACE.

What Does LACE Training Involve?

Over a one month period there are 20 LACE sessions. Sessions take 20-30 minutes to complete. For best results, train when you feel fresh and alert.

You’ll work on five different skills:

  1. Speech in Noise: You will hear a person talking with “cocktail party” noise in the background. The amount of noise will progressively increase as you progress (and you will improve).
  2. Competing Speakers: In this task, you’ll be given a voice to focus on—either a man’s, a woman’s, or a child’s. There will be voices in the background that you do your best to ignore. The background voices will get louder as you progress.
  3. Missing Word: In this task, you’ll practice at quickly guessing at the missing word in the sentence. You’ll be working on your ability to use context as well as on your processing speed.
  4. Memory: The memory task is a challenging way to improve your ability to “hold on” to what you’ve heard and answer questions about it.
  5. Rapid Speech: The pace of the speaker’s voice gets faster, and information is removed as well. You’ll find that you can understand at a pace that you previously found too fast. It takes practice—and the training pays off.

Equipment Needed

If you are using a CD-ROM or a registration code, your computer should have:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, or Vista; for a Mac, OSX 10 or newer
  • Minimum of 400 MHz processing power
  • High speed Internet access

If you don’t know what your computer’s operating system and capabilities are, call Neurotone customer service at 1-800-409-5223. They will be happy to help you.

Expensive computer speakers are not required for LACE training. If you have a desktop computer, and you can hear speech clearly through your computer speakers, your speakers are sufficient.

External speakers are recommended if you have a laptop computer.

Even better, listen through headphones or otherwise directly connect to the computer with your hearing aids. Ask your hearing healthcare professional if you are not sure if you can directly connect to the computer with your hearing aids.

  • Photo credit:  © Alan Fortune

    Sandra Vandenhoff

    Dr. Sandra Vandenhoff is an audiologist with hearing loss, founder of HEARa, Hearing Strategies coach, speaker, and Canadian author, who gave her GPS away long before realizing that it was a good brain-boosting move.

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