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Second Chances

On my way to the Saskatchewan Hearing Health Conference, I picked up Louise Penny’s latest book to read on the plane. The dedication took my breath away: “This book is dedicated to second chances— Those who give them And those who take them.” I put the book down and thought of second chances. How precious […]

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Ear Candles and Cotton Swabs to Manage Ear Wax: No, No, No!

As we all know, our ear canals produce wax. For some people, ear wax builds up much faster than others. If there is a large amount of wax build up, a temporary hearing loss can result. What should you do? In the vast majority of cases, the ear canal does not need to be cleaned. […]

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Why Conversation Therapy?

There is a magic number when it comes to hearing aids. It’s seven. According to the Better Hearing Institute, the average person waits seven years before pursuing hearing aids. In the meantime, communication can be difficult, especially in more challenging listening environments, or with certain people who mumble, or who speak really fast. When communication […]

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What in the World is Conversation Therapy?

For the next week in this blog, I’ll be exploring conversation therapy. What is conversation therapy, anyway? If you ask anyone in the hearing care field, they probably won’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve only seen one reference to conversation therapy, by Dr. Christopher Lind at Flinders University in Australia. When I read his […]

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The King’s Speech

In The King’s Speech, Bertie pays Lionel (his speech therapist) a visit shortly after his father, King George IV, dies. Bertie is finally ready to talk about his early life, and tells stories about how he was cruelly treated by his father and brother. Lionel had long suspected that childhood experiences had contributed to Bertie’s […]

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