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Adjusting to Hearing Loss

Six Things to Consider   Hearing loss due to age has a subtle beginning. Day by day, the difference is hardly noticeable. Over a period of years, though, there’s a significant change. How do you adjust? How do people around you adjust? Researchers at the University of Montréal say that you, and the people around […]

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Small Improvements Lead to Exceptional Results

Just finished reading The Secret Letters of the Monk who Sold his Ferrari—a reflection on happiness and leading a remarkable life. Sharma talks about small daily progress. He writes, “The truly wise recognize that small daily improvements always lead to exceptional results over time.” This applies to living a remarkable life, but also to living […]

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Technology Rocks!

People with hearing loss who have ineffective communication strategies (such as pretending to understand) are more likely to be lonely and introverted. This has been proven in adults with profound hearing loss. I’ve often wondered if this also applied to people with milder hearing loss. Then I read an interview with Peter Stelmacovich, an audiologist, […]

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Multi-tasking, Listening, and Auditory Training

Are we Digital Dummies?  is an eye-opening documentary that points out the very real dangers of multi-tasking. In October, 2009, on a flight from San Diego, two Northwest airline pilots overshot the Minneapolis airport by 240 kilometres. They were on their laptops scheduling their hours as the plane flew past its destination! Passengers and the […]

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Sir Winston Churchill Was More Open About Depression Than Hearing Loss

Mr. Chartwell, a book by Rebecca Hunt, was listed on the prestigious Top 100 books by the Globe and Mail for 2011. I picked it for my holiday reading list. Mr. Chartwell is actually the Black Dog, which is how Sir Winston Churchill referred to his depression. In Hunt’s novel, Churchill’s Black Dog is also […]

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Musicians Offset The Effects of Aging

It is challenging to have a conversation with noise in the background. For anyone. It is more challenging as we age—even for people with normal hearing. A research study conducted by scientists at Northwestern University asked the following question: do musicians who are older adults have an advantage? Does musical experience offset the effects of […]

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Start With Small Changes

Over a third of people over the age of 65 have hearing loss. And yet, 60% of people who need hearing aids don’t get them. Why? The short answer: it’s complicated. The long answer:  read the research study.   I am struck by a recurring theme of indecision, feeling overwhelmed, and procrastinating. This theme is reflected […]

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Diet and Hearing Loss: Is there a Connection?

Can your diet protect you from hearing loss? Good question. It turns out that diet is one of the few modifiable risk factors for age-related hearing loss. The Blue Mountains Hearing Study, conducted in Australia, looked at whether diet can prevent or slow the development of age-related hearing loss. Researchers found that people who had […]

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Introverts More Impacted by Hearing Loss

At the Saskatchewan Hearing Health Conference this year, a group of women were enjoying a fine dinner at Golf’s Steakhouse. All of us live with hearing loss: three of us have hearing loss, and the fourth is a mother of two young children with hearing loss. Among other things, we talked about our differences as […]

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Upside-Down Thinking

I recently spent two weeks at Yasodara ashram, a Yoga Retreat and Study Centre. While I was there, I used an FM system in classes and satsangs. Unexpectedly, I ran into some technology glitches. I had programmed my FM transmitter to hold six different FM channels. Normally, in a city, with all the accompanying sources […]

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