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Communication is a Two-Way Street

Have you ever thought about your hearing loss as “not your concern?” You are partly right, if so. Everyone you communicate with shares this concern. Communication is a two-way street. In a conversation, both people need to take responsibility. The fact that you have hearing loss doesn’t make it your “fault” when the conversation breaks […]

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To Hear the Stars Sing

In the movie Revolutionary Road, the last scene is powerful and apt—a man turns down his hearing aid while pretending to listen to his wife. He is doing more than just ignoring. He is escaping from her. In A Screaming Kind of Day, a beautifully illustrated children’s book by Rachna Gilmore, a young hearing impaired […]

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Trouble Understanding?

How to Ask For Help So Others Will “Hear” You   Susan Binzer, an audiologist, identified five keys to success for people with hearing loss when they ask others for help. Use “I” statements. Do not blame others. Example: Instead of “Your hand is in the way!” try “Excuse me—I will understand you better if […]

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How to Remind People about your Hearing Loss

Eighteen years ago, I read an article entitled, “Reminding Them When They Forget,” an article co-authored by Dr. Sam Trychin, a psychologist and educator. This article has stayed with me for all of these years, because it’s practical. I’ll give you a short recap here. It’s a fact of life—for people with hearing loss that […]

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Four Ways to Have Meaningful Conversations

According to a study published in Psychological Science by researchers at the University of Arizona, people who have meaningful conversations are happier than those who primarily engage in small talk. The study looked at the different kinds of conversations among people who are happy and those who are unhappy. Participants were requested to wear an […]

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Seven Tips For Hearing Better in Restaurants

Pick the best seat: Don’t hesitate to tell the restaurant hostess—before she leads you to your table—that where you sit makes a big difference. The job of the hostess is to get people seated quickly, so if you think a location is going to be problematic, don’t agree to sit there. Explain to others in […]

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Are You Bluffing?

I had to laugh when I saw the “Puffy Shirt” episode of Seinfeld when Kramer’s girlfriend, who talked very quietly, asked Jerry to wear a feminine, puffy shirt that she had designed. He didn’t hear her, so he asked her to repeat. She repeated herself, but he still didn’t hear. He asked her to repeat […]

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May the Wind Be Always at Your Back

“May the Wind be Always at Your Back” I love this Irish blessing. The wind at my back consists of the helpful people around me. Every Friday, I go to lunch with my friends. We pick restaurants with varying noise levels, lighting, and seating arrangements. Before we sit down, my friends always ask me where […]

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