Suggested authors, books, and websites:

Another Boomer Blog

A Quiet World

Auricle Ink Publishers (Richard Carmen, Marshall Chasin, Richard Tyler)

Better Hearing Institute, especially Hearing Aid Compatible Cell Phones

Canadian Hard of Hearing Association

Deafened but not Silent 

Gael Hannan


Hear Better in 60 Days:  Keys to Success with Hearing Aids (this one is mine)

Hearing Loss Association of America

Hearing Loss Web

Hearing Impaired.Net

Hearing Pages

International Federation of Hard of Hearing People

Michael Harvey

Mark Ross

Mayo Clinic

Neil Bauman

Sam Trychin


Video clip:  

Have you noticed that it is getting harder to hear when you go out for dinner at a restaurant? As we get older, it gets more difficult to have a conversation in noisy situations.   

See the video clip below for an illustrated explanation of the changes in the brain that happen as we get older, and what to do about it. I offer LACE coaching services both for consumers and for hearing care professionals.