Let's Talk about Rules

This page is a continuation of a discussion in my e-bookHearing Aids: We All Win When They're In!  A Guide for Significant Others.

Let's talk about rules.

Here are the rules I listed in the e-book:

Fess up.

Don't talk from another room.

Look down at the menu.

Tell people how to help.

No winging it.

Don't say, "What did I just say?"

Here is what I am wondering.  Are there universal rules?  Or should there be?

Can you pick three of the rules above, that would work in your house? Or, if you have other ones in your house, post three of your own? (Or a mix of the two?).

Then post a comment.  Let's see if there are some rules that everyone agrees on.  Or would we end up with a huge list?  I'd love to find out.




My husband doesn't do this very often, but don't say "forget it" or "never mind" or "whatever" when you are tired of repeating.

I think not pretending to understand (ie. bluffing) is a good rule of thumb too.


Don't talk when your head is inside the refrigerator. I cant hear you.


Another great rule would be is to get confirmation on whether my spouse heard me and understood what I was saying.  Sometimes she doesn't respond but I don't know if it's because she didn't hear what I said or is distracted with whatever.