LACE Training Strategy: Let it Happen


Today's blog is written by a guest, Lorraine Watson. Lorraine recently completed her LACE auditory training program. She had an insight during training that will be helpful to others. I will let Lorraine explain it her way.


I finally gave in. 

But at least I can say I didn't give up.

In my world the LACE word memory task doesn't discriminate between those with a hearing impairment or not.  The task is just plain hard and frustrating. 

The harder I tried to beat that sucker the worse I did.  And the lump in my stomach I felt when I saw that task appear didn't help matters either.  There soon came a time when I would dread even starting my LACE training for the day in anticipation the memory task would appear.

Then I decided to just give in.  I wasn't going to get the better of that word memory task so why bother trying.  When the task came up I'd just do whatever to get through it and not care how well I did.  I wasn't going to give up the other parts of the training for one, albeit frustrating, task.

Next thing I know Sandra is asking me what happened.  My scores on the word memory task took a significant jump - as in improvement.  All I could do was laugh (after I recovered from the disbelief). 

Once again I had been getting in my own way.  The memory task wasn't something I needed to get the better of or fight against.  There was nothing to win. 

By giving in I took myself out of the picture and let things happen as they may.  Had I given up and walked away I never would have known how much I really could accomplish.


About Lorraine:  Lorraine’s curiosity of life leads her to dabble, question and push beyond the box.  A self-professed “big picture idea” type, she has a passion for seeing possibility everywhere and in everyone, and being part of turning possibility into reality.  You can read more of Lorraine’s musings and autonomic writings at her KitchenTableWisdom blog.


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Photo credit: © Yuri Arcurs