LACE Coaching--Do You Need It?

Dr. Robert Sweetow and Jennifer Henderson Sabes, the audiologists who developed LACE, have discovered that people are more likely to stick with the program if hearing healthcare professionals act as coaches to guide them through the process. 

Do you need a coach?  I believe everyone needs support through the ups and downs of LACE training.  It’s challenging.  LACE keeps adapting to your improvement, so half the time, you’re struggling to understand.  To support you in your success here’s what I want you to consider:

The level of feedback the LACE software provides is minimal.  At the end of some testing sessions you will see your results on a chart.  At the end of each day’s training session your results are ranked as “improved” or “keep trying”.

Feedback is more detailed if you have a LACE coach.   

With your consent, your coach can review the data on both testing and training for your sessions. Your coach will be able to give you a “report card” on your progress.  Details will include how much progress you have made, and what that means.  

Consider how you best learn something new, or improve in an area you find difficult. If you know that having support and encouragement is helpful to you, seriously consider a coach for your LACE training. 

Where do you find a coach?

If you want to get started right now, I offer online coaching services through my website.  You can get started today!   Click here for pricing information.

Still not sure?  Read what others have to say about their experience with LACE Coaching.

If you have any questions about getting started, with or without a coach, click on the Contact Us page.