Hearing Test Online

The Better Hearing Institute has a hearing test online.  There is no sound involved--you will be asked to answer 15 questions about your hearing.

The computer will score your test. It will compare your responses to 11,000 people with hearing loss and produce a personalized evaluation of your hearing. These results are for your eyes only.

The results are immediate.  

The purpose is to determine whether or not you should see a hearing health professional to have your tested.

If the results suggest a professional test, please pursue it!

In my next blog, I'll suggest some questions to ask and things to consider when shopping for a hearing care professional.


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This is a great resource as a

This is a great resource as a screen to whether a person should follow up with an actual hearing test.  My family often comments that I have the tv too loud and I actually do have trouble following conversations in noisy situations.  I am constantly catching all the sound waves I can by cupping my ear.  It drives me crazy when a speaker doesn't use a mike in a crowded room.  I don't think that I need hearing aids but I likely have a minimal hearing loss.  The online test suggested that I may a mild hearing loss based upon my answers.  The questions may be a little subjective in some cases but I believe its in the ballpark.