Hearing Strategies program

Hearing Strategies is a challenging, fun way to improve communication skills.

The underlying premise of the Hearing Strategies program is that people with hearing loss can help themselves.

This in no way implies you are alone — far from it. The entire program is designed around the idea that you need support and tools to improve communication, and your life, through your own efforts.

Possibly even more powerful is the support participants receive from others in the class. One Hearing Strategies participant captured the essence of the peer experience:

“Being with others to share common problems made me aware that what I’m going through is not so unusual.”

Hearing Strategies combines three key components: LACE auditory training, communication strategies, and lip-reading instruction. Knowledge and skills will develop using lessons, activities, readings, and games focusing specifically on each component.

By combining all three areas at once, the resulting outcome is greater than each part studied alone. Each skill set builds upon the other skills.

Hearing Strategies classes online (PC Users)

If you are a hearing care professional interested in this course, read more about offering Hearing Strategies in your own clinic.